What Causes Math Assignment Anxiety among Students?

What Causes Math Assignment Anxiety among Students?

Math Assignment HelpAnxiety in Mathematics is the feeling of tension that interferes with your ability to crunch numbers and solve mathematical problems. According to Tobias S., 1993, math anxiety can cause students to lose their self-confidence and forget concepts which were at their fingertips. The most common sources of unproductive tension among math students include strict assignment deadlines, time crunch of timed tests and the fear of public embarrassment.

In a traditional mathematics class, imposed authority, time deadlines, and public exposure are regular practices. However, these are known to cause a great deal of anxiety among students. Teaching methods must, therefore, be re-examined to make students surer of themselves. Professors and lecturers should do fewer math lectures and introduce more discussions and student directed classes. For a student to do well, the class should be designed to make him or she feel successful. Low performances and failure to grasp concepts should be handled in a positive manner. As a result, the confidence of the weak student is enhanced. This also encourages student participation in class.

Research has proven that students acquire knowledge best when they are active rather than passive learners (Spikell, 1993). According to the theory of multiple intelligences, a variety of learning styles can be employed. Every student has the ability to learn. Nonetheless, each student is different and consumes knowledge in different ways. To ensure that all students learn, a professor can present lessons and teach math concepts in a variety of ways such as role-playing, use of visual aids, cooperative groups, technology, and hands-on activities among others.

Learning has evolved over the years and is no longer the same as it was forty years ago. Years ago, learners did not question concepts. They just memorized them and performed the operations required. Nowadays, students ask questions on why this formula is used and not the other. This has made math to be more practical today and relevant in the everyday life of students. Long gone are the days when students were only engaged in rote learning of procedures and rules. Schools now involve students in conjecturing, exploring and thinking to help them learn mathematics.

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