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Essential Steps to Solving Math Project

Math Project HelpTo be an excellent math problem solver, you must be acquainted with the established procedures. You must familiarize yourself with when what, and how to apply these procedures. Apart from these procedures, continuous practice is very vital in problem-solving. The more time you accord to practicing, the better you will become. George Polya, a math guru published “How to Solve It” in 1957. A number of his ideas that worked then are still relevant today. Polya identified the clues that students should use as solution strategies. So what are the essential steps of problem-solving?

Identify The Clues

In this first step, try to understand the problem by reading each word precisely and carefully. Understanding the problem will lead you to the solution. Have you ever encountered a similar problem before? If yes, how did you handle it then? If no, then find out the facts you have been given in the problem and what exactly the examiner wants you to find out.

Define Your Game Plan

What strategies are you going to use to solve this problem? You should try out your strategies by using guess and check, using sketches, look for a pattern, graphs, formulae, simplifying, etc. If the first strategy doesn’t work, don’t worry. It may lead you to a strategy that actually works.

Solve The Problem

Implement your strategy and tactics skills to solve the problem. Remember not to go out or over the focus of the problem because it may lead to you wasting time and errors. These steps require specialization and a lot of practice.

Reflect On The Problem

This is one of the most critical steps of problem-solving. A number of students usually ignore this step after solving the problem. If you want to be an excellent problem solver, you should adopt this habit. Does your solution look probable? Are you sure about your solution? Did you answer the question as required? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.
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