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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

We’ve answered popular questions asked by students about our service and what to expect from it here. Please go through the questions and answers to understand us more and hire us without any worries.

Why should I choose mathsassignmenthelp.com?

We are a team of experienced, reliable, dedicated, affordable, and professional maths assignment
helpers. Our tutors are aware of all the requirements that would make your assignment score a
top grade. We don’t only aim to complete your work, we aim at ensuring that you get a top grade
in your assignment.

Do you recycle your homework papers?

Never. We don’t use previous work on your assignment. Each paper is written from scratch by
our experts following all instructions. We take plagiarism issues very seriously and therefore,
you should relax and expect original solutions from our team.

Can I be allowed to choose a tutor of my choice based on their reviews?

Absolutely yes. All our tutors are available on our website and therefore you can choose a tutor
of choice. Alternatively, you can let us choose a tutor for you. We assign assignments to tutors
who are experienced in the topic being handled? This means that at any time, your assignment is
being handled by a professional.

What happens if my work is not delivered on time?

We have never failed to deliver work on time. That is the reason why we have put in place a
money-back guarantee. We respect deadlines and therefore we will always deliver your work on
time failure to which we will refund your money.

What is the qualification of your tutors?

We focus on both experience and level of education. We have tutors of all levels, however, most
of our tutors are Masters and Ph.D., holders. This is the reason why our services are top-notch
because we offer unmatched solutions to your mathematics assignments.

How do I receive my completed work?

We send all completed tasks to email addresses. After your work is completed it will be sent to
the email address you have provided.

How much do you charge per assignment?

The price is determined by the bulk of work. When you sent us the assignment, we go through it
and then send you a quotation. Our prices are however pocket-friendly.

Are the payment methods you use secure?

Yes. All payments are secured by a payment gateway. All transactions remain confidential
between us and you and are not accessed by third parties.

How long do you take to complete an assignment?

Time taken to complete an assignment depends on the complexity of that particular assignment.
If it is a project it can take up to a month. We also do urgent assignments that need to be
submitted in less than a day. When placing an order, we always ask you to give us a deadline.
We work within that time and deliver before the deadline.

Can your tutors revise an assignment that has already been completed?

Yes. We give room for revision where necessary. It is however very rare with our team because 
we follow all instructions.

How will you guarantee me that my work will be plagiarism free?

Our work is always original. If you want surety we can send you a plagiarism report when
submitting the work.

How do I submit my assignment?

We have two methods that you can use to submit an assignment. The main one is clicking the
submit button on this website and then follow the simple steps provided. The other method is by
sending us an email with the instructions of your assignment. In both cases, we will receive the
work and get back to you.

Is your service 24/7? 

Yes, we do not close. Being an international platform we deal with students from all corners of
the world. These areas have different time zones and therefore we have to work 24/7. This means
that you can reach out to us any time you want. Our customer support team also works
throughout the day.

Will my identity and details remain confidential?

Absolutely yes. Your identity and details are never shared with third parties. The only time when
details can be shared is when it is a requirement of the law. Otherwise, your information will
never be passed on to any other person.

How can I get quick support?

We have a very fast live chat support team who are always online and ready to offer help where
it is required. You can also email us and we will get back to you immediately. We value our
customers and therefore we can go out of our way to offer support.

Is there a guarantee that I will score an A is I hire you to complete my assignment?

We do not give a guarantee on getting an A because different institutions consider many factors
before awarding an A grade. However, we assure you that the paper we complete for you will
fetch a very high grade. Your assignment is handled by a highly experienced tutor and therefore
a top grade is expected.