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Our Refund Policy at Mathsassignmenthelp.com

Our refund policy outlines all cases under which our students can expect to be refunded under different situations. Please go through the policy to know what you can always expect from us and avoid unnecessary losses.

Cancellation, Revision Refund Policy

When you hire us to work on your paper, you are protected by our money-back guarantee. If your maths assignment is not sent to you within 24 hours after the deadline you will be eligible to ask for a refund. When a client is asking for a refund he/she is expected to give a reason why they are asking for a refund. Note that refunds can only be sent to the same account that was used to pay us.

Revision policy

If the solutions provided to you are not satisfactory then you can ask for revision. Revision must be requested within two weeks after submission of the work. If you want additions to your work then that does not count as revision. We treat it as a new task above what you had ordered and therefore it will be charged differently.

Cancellation policy

We only allow cancellation within 1 hour after placing an order. This is because we assign the work to tutors who start working on it immediately. If an order is termed as urgent then we do not allow cancellation.

Points to be considered in the refund, revision, and cancellation policy

  • If you decide to cancel an order or change an order before it has been assigned to a tutor you will be eligible to make another order which matches the same cost without extra charges. In a case where the assignment is already in the process of being completed, then cancellation will not be allowed. This is because we pay our writers in advance and therefore canceling the task would lead to losses on our end.
  • Ensure that all the instructions for your assignment are in place before making an order. In case of a revision, we will only consider the originally submitted work. Any additions will be treated as a new assignment and charged separately.
  • If by any chance you make two payments for one assignment, provide proof of payment and a refund will be done as soon as possible for the extra payment.
  • Despite us being sure that the quality of our work is good, should you have a revision you are required to send it to us within two weeks from the date you received the assignment solutions from us.
  • We have a huge number of qualified writers on our team. However, should we fail to get a writer for your maths homework help within 24 hours after you have made an order, we will inform you and initiate a money refund based on our agreement with you.
  • We will not offer any refunds for online tests and quizzes. Once an online test has started it cannot be canceled because we dedicate someone to handle it. We pay that person before that test starts.

You will not qualify for a refund if:

  • You do not prove that work was not done or there was bad service delivery. The proof is sent via email with attachments.
  • If you sent our tutors half of the work and then you realize later that you had not sent all details. In such a case you will not be entitled to a refund for work not completed because, in the first place, you had not sent the work. For the additional work, you will be required to pay because we charge for the work ordered.
  • If you cancel an order you had termed as urgent. Urgent tasks are assigned to tutors immediately after they are ordered. This means that if you cancel an urgent order you will not get a refund.
  • If you do not initiate a refund within two weeks after the work has been sent to you.