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3 Vital Tips on How to Handle Math Exam Season

Math HelpAre you bored with your study habits? Would you like to change them up? Here are some useful options that you should try out the next time you are studying for an exam:

Chewing Gum Can Improve Your Alertness And Memory

Andrew Smith, a specialist in Nutritional Neuroscience, chewing gum improves the accuracy of performance and increases alertness. Since an exam or reading is a task that requires continuous monitoring over a long time, chewing gum can come in handy when you need to focus. In addition, 50 percent of students report daytime sleepiness and 70 percent do not get sufficient sleep. Chewing gum can marginally help you concentrate in such situations.

Study In Short Bursts And Smartly

The American Psychological Association (APA) recommends that students should study in small bursts over time. This method has proven to be comparably better than doing one long study session. Studying at brief intervals will help you retain information. The brain needs to be refreshed. You should study for a maximum of three or four hours so that you prevent burnout.

Keep Your Phone Away

Your phone can be a distractor, especially when it is not in use. To significantly improve your focus, you should keep your phone in another room when you are studying. It is true that numerous students cannot go for a day, let alone hours without their phones while going through their study sessions. We recommend that you keep your phone in an area or place that you cannot access easily. For example, you can lock your phone in the closet. This will make it easier for you to concentrate.
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